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[09 Oct 2009|05:09am]
livin' the life;
sleepin' till 2pm,
gettin' paid to watch strippers..
eatin' good and gettin' laid.

(kind of).
for every beat

[16 Aug 2009|04:02am]
[ mood | curious ]

someone's bound to get hurt nonetheless.

for every beat

[18 Jul 2009|12:47pm]
10day weather forecast for steenland;
overcast with eight-five percent chance of shitstorm.

i thought i had tried to keep my karma good?
guess not...
for every beat

[11 Jul 2009|11:55pm]
constantly on the verge of;
-a manic outburst.
-anxiety attack.
-tearing down a tree.


it is for me the eventual truth
it is that look of the lioness
to her man across the nile

wanna feel my heart break
if it must break in your jaws
want you to lick my blood off your paws

if you can’t get here fast enough
i will swim to you
for every beat

[06 Jul 2009|10:28pm]
why must i always take ten steps back for every one forward?
i'm finding myself in places i'd decided long ago were unsuitable..
multiple times.
red sheets,dirty pans,shared toothbrush.
merely convenience
do i believe this can really work?
for every beat

[06 Jun 2009|11:52pm]
[ mood | alone. ]

another bites the dust...
this one seems to have hit the floor a bit quicker than the rest.
i should really find something more sturdy.

for every beat

[16 May 2009|01:26am]
numb numb numb,i just want to be numb.

halfway there.
for every beat

[12 May 2009|11:52pm]
this is just stupid.
tiresome, and stupid.
i feel like i'm attempting to nurse an injured bluebird in my bathtub;
it would probably be better off dead,but you've given it a name and,well,you're just sentimental, i guess.
for every beat

[09 Apr 2009|04:20am]
[ mood | married ]

and it's always the same
you're always the same.

for every beat

[20 Feb 2009|06:46pm]
this train is moving a little too quickly for me to feel safe.the place it previously took me three months to arrive at, has swiftly approached in two weeks. i think it might be time to yield.

...or perhaps throw more coals into the engine?
for every beat

[10 Feb 2009|05:44pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

i'm not used to this,and that in itself is sad.

for every beat

[11 Jan 2009|05:41pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

it's sad how excited i get over something that probably doesn't even matter in the least. i read far too much into words. i should probably wait for some actions. but those are automatically going to be few and far between seeing as how this avid speaker lives across the goddamn country. i feel like a wide-eyed child everytime i imagine that this is real. it's just that it was kinda nice to wake up with my phone stuck to my face and hear snoring over the speaker.

for every beat

[08 Jan 2009|04:24am]
[ mood | horrified. ]

i don't write, because i don't want to remember. this is too much. i'm trying, but it's hard. there's so much i should be doing, could be doing..and yet, i just let it all slip by seemingly unnoticed. oh, but i notice. i notice everything. it's all so much fun, oh it's all just youth and goodtimes. but no. it's life, and the few opportunities i had are dwindling if not completely obsolete. at this point, i'm even surprised i can even spell obsolete. what am i doing? i feel like i'm having a midlife crisis at the ripe age of twenty-one. fuck this. i want to turn off my brain. but i think that's what i have been doing..or attempting to, every night for the last three years. well, probably longer. but fuck it. it's just....

for every beat

[07 Jan 2009|09:50am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

wine, whiskey, then wine again...

apparently that's the recipe to wake up in your ex's bed, extremely confused.

yet somehow happy?

for every beat

[03 Dec 2008|01:07am]
...aaaaand there he goes.

fuck you, new york.
i never liked you anyway.
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[30 Nov 2008|07:19pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

my,what a poetic fifth.

unhappy thought; there will not be a seventh. a sixth, hopefully. but definitely not a seventh.

for every beat

[26 Nov 2008|07:58pm]
very domestic fourth.

thought; the clock is ticking.
feeling; rushed yet insightful.
action; ignorance is bliss.
for every beat

[22 Nov 2008|01:24pm]
[ mood | sad ]

but a horrendous horrible hurtful third...

for every beat

[21 Nov 2008|08:16pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

and an even better twice.

for every beat

oh, you've got me shaking. oh, you've got me high. [17 Nov 2008|11:15pm]
why are my days either insanely boring, or way too crazy? is it so hard to find a middle ground?

apparently so.

also, i can't believe you're back in town. even if it's only for a couple more weeks. i've only seen you once and i'm already "HA HA HAHAHA"-ing dandy warhol style just like i used to.

guess it was a good once.
for every beat

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